Finding Home: Words from Kids Seeking Sanctuary

By Gwen Agna
Illustrators Illustrated by Shelley Rotner Edition

Hardcover edition

Publisher HarperCollins Imprint Clarion ISBN


Finding Home: Words from Kids Seeking Sanctuary

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In this photographic picture book, the authors record and transcribe the words of displaced children, raising up their voices—who they are, where they came from, and the many different reasons that they had to leave their home countries.

My parents told me we had to leave to stay safe. I was scared.

We left in a hurry. We could hardly bring anything. I could only take what fit in my backpack.

One day there was everyone and the next day there was almost no one. We had to go too.

This book celebrates the resilience, hope, and joy of children and their families who are seeking asylum. Stunning photographs capture children doing everyday things like playing on the playground, going to school, and meeting new friends alongside their stories of having to leave to their home countries in order to stay safe. The authors transcribed and photographed children from around the world to share their experiences on moving to a new place under extremely difficult circumstances as a way to raise up their voices and humanize people seeking asylum. Countries include Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Tibet, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Mexico, Syria, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Ukraine. The authors have included backmatter with further information for kids, parents, and educators.
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