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The library is the heart of a school & community.
Funding it is a necessity.

As schools and libraries carefully begin reopening across the nation, eager readers are returning to the stacks in search of new books to accelerate their learning and rekindle their passion for adventure. For many librarians, however, those shuttered months of budget uncertainty meant collection-development also went quiet.

Rest easy: Federal relief packages are on their way and we can help you make books a funding priority.

Not sure how to advocate for your library and ensure dollars are allocated to collection-development, literacy technology, and other critical library necessities? We're here to help.

  • Find out how much money per student on average your state is expecting to receive.
  • Get tips on the best ways to talk to administrators about your budget needs.
  • Learn how to help leadership understand the importance of keeping your collection up-to-date.
  • Work with us to develop quotes or purchase orders that make things easy on decision-makers.
  • Find out if multi-year quotes would best serve your library needs and extend the reach of your funding.
  • Explore additional budget-stretching solutions to make this anticipated new stimulus go even further.
  • Identify resources that will help you best position your library for funding allocations.

Relief is on its way. Make sure you’re ready.

Schedule a call with a funding specialist today!

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