Gloria's Promise: A Ballet Dancer's First Step

Series American Ballet Theatre Written and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser, Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman

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Gloria's Promise: A Ballet Dancer's First Step

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From the New York Times bestselling illustrator and former ballet soloist
Robin Preiss Glasser comes a story about a young ballet dancer whose
boundless determination makes her dream of dancing with the American
Ballet Theatre come true.

Gloria has a very big dream: to be admitted to the summer program at the American
Ballet Theatre. The day of the audition arrives, and Gloria couldn’t be more excited!
She can’t wait to dance and show the world what she can do. In the ABT studios, she
gets a peek into a glorious room filled with pointe shoes, ballet dancers getting fitted
for tutus, and an awe-inspiring company rehearsal. She can barely believe her eyes!

During the audition, Gloria is determined to make an impression by pushing herself to
be her best. But when she falls in front of the teacher, she wonders if her
determination will be enough.

Robin Preiss Glasser, the bestselling illustrator of the internationally renowned Fancy
Nancy series, brings exquisite and authentic details to every illustration as only a
former professional ballet soloist can do. This story about a determined dancer who is
working hard to achieve her dream is sure to thrill ballet students everywhere.

Full-color illustrations were created with ink, watercolor, and gouache. 
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