Land of Broken Promises

By Jane Kuo

Hardcover edition

Publisher HarperCollins Imprint Quill Tree ISBN


Land of Broken Promises

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In this follow-up to In the Beautiful Country, which Gene Luen Yang called “vivid and heartbreaking,” the story of Taiwanese immigrant Anna’s tumultuous life in America continues.

After a rocky first year, Anna and her parents have settled into life in California—their restaurant is even turning a profit. Then her family makes a discovery that shatters their tranquil reality: their visas have expired.

Anna’s world is suddenly overwhelmed by new words like “undocumented” and “inequality.” She longs to share the towering secret that looms over every aspect of her life, but her parents strictly forbid her from telling anyone. As Anna grapples with the complexities of being undocumented, the strain that it places on her family, and the loneliness of keeping it all to herself, she has to wonder—if America is the promised land, why does everything she’s hoped for feel like a lie?

Perfect for fans of Kelly Yang, Reem Faruqi, and Jasmine Warga, this novel in verse is a searing companion to In the Beautiful Country and focuses on themes of legal documentation, identity, and language’s ability to divide and unite.

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