Princess of the Wild Sea

By Megan Frazer Blakemore

Hardcover edition

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing Imprint Bloomsbury USA ISBN


Princess of the Wild Sea

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Discrimination: Reference/Discussion,Violence: General

In this sweeping, modern fairy tale, acclaimed author Megan Frazer Blakemore breathes new life into the the tale of Sleeping Beauty and asks readers: Who deserves to be the hero of your story?

A curse will fall . . .

A hero will rise . . .

Princess Harbor Rose is cursed. Since the day of her christening, she’s lived her whole life hidden away on a remote island with her magical aunts and the eccentric islandfolk. She’s been waiting patiently each day, of each year, following all the rules for being a princess. And now it is only one year until her thirteenth birthday, when a hero will finally arrive to save her.

But as with any story, there are two sides . . . and the curse told of much more than a single princess’s fate. It told of a dangerous foe rooted in powerful magic that would soon approach. It told of a dangerous war that could destroy everything if a young hero didn’t arrive in time. It told of a magic imbued with hope that could save everyone, as long as they believe. With her beloved kingdom and island at grave risk, Harbor Rose has a choice: should she wait for the hero, or take matters into her own hands?

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