Safe Crossing

Written and illustrated by Kari Percival

Hardcover edition

Publisher Chronicle Books Imprint Chronicle ISBN


Safe Crossing

How does an amphibian cross the road? With the help of the Amphibian Migration Team! Artful nonfiction about a citizen scientist who acts as a crossing guard for migrating amphibians-and eventually helps build them a tunnel to safety!

Every spring, frogs and salamanders must travel from their upland homes to the woodland pools where they were born to mate. Unfortunately, roads constructed through their habitat have made the journey dangerous for these slow-moving animals. Many never reach their destination. But with the help of the Amphibian Migration Team, there is hope for a safe crossing.

Inquisitive and motivational, this nonfiction picture book by Kari Percival offers a peek at the challenges amphibians face to survive and reproduce and the ways young citizens can speak up to defend the environment. With playful illustrations and informative backmatter, Safe Crossing offers an empowering example of how even the youngest individuals can make an impact by raising awareness about a meaningful cause, driving change that has the potential to unite people in a community as well as globally.

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Nonfiction Early Elementary (Grades K-2)

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Nonfiction Early Elementary (Grades K-2)

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