Something Wicked: Spirit Hunters #3

Series Spirit Hunters By Ellen Oh

Hardcover edition

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Something Wicked: Spirit Hunters #3

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Discrimination: Racial Insensitivity/Racism,Language: Infrequent Use,Language: Mild Language,Violence: Mild Violence

We Need Diverse Books cofounder Ellen Oh delivers the highly anticipated third book of her Spirit Hunters series. In this spooky, mysterious series, Harper must use her spirit–hunting powers to save her sister from an evil witch who wants to steal her beauty! With a strong Korean American heroine, this is riveting middle grade adventure.

Harper is dealing with too many new changes in her house. Her cousin, Leo, is now living with them; her sister, Kelly, has started working at a local makeup store, Jeune; and Harper's spirit hunter abilities have grown increasingly more powerful and uncontrollable, making her a target for possession.

But when Harper uncovers a dangerous plot to steal youth from millions of innocent people, she must use all her powers to destroy an ancient evil and save her sister. Can they rescue her before it’s too late?

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