Strictly No Heroics

By B. L. Radley

Hardcover edition

Publisher Macmillan Imprint Feiwel & Friends ISBN


Strictly No Heroics

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Language: Strong Language,Sexual Content: Mild Sexual Content/Themes,Social Issue: Body or Weight Shaming,Violence: Child Abuse,Violence: Graphic Descriptions,Violence: Sexual Assault/Rape Reference/Discussion

A normal teen girl must navigate crushing on her best friend, starting a new summer job, and not being squashed during the next supervillain showdown in this YA debut filled with humor and heart.

A Normie’s guide to staying alive:

1. Keep your head down.

2. Don’t make enemies.

3. Strictly no heroics.

The world is run by those with the Super gene, and Riley Jones doesn’t have it. She’s just a Normie working at a diner to save money for therapy and planning how to tell her family that she’s queer. But after a run-in with a handsy superhero, Riley finds herself in desperate need of new employment, and the only place that will hire her is HENCH.

Yes, HENCH, as in henchmen: masked cronies who work for the villains. Riley's plan is to follow the rules and get paid, but then she witnesses a horrible murder on the job. Caught up in a gentrification plot, a unionization effort, and a new crush on her fellow henchwoman, Riley learns that even a powerless Normie can take a stand against injustice.

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