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Submission Guidelines

The Junior Library Guild is always on the lookout for new sources of great books. Publishers interested in submitting materials for review should contact our editorial office* for complete guidelines and due dates. Publishers interested in submitting books for the SLJ Series Nonfiction Categories must contact SLJ Series Made Simple**. If you are an author or illustrator and would like your book to be considered for selection by JLG, please have your publisher contact us. We regret that we cannot work directly with authors and illustrators.

JLG has two consecutive seasonal lists, spring and fall, and makes selections up to six months in advance of publication. For inclusion in our spring list (distributed March through August) the submission deadline is November of the prior year. Our fall list (distributed September through February) has a submission deadline of May.

Please note that JLG only reviews books before publication. Reissues or newly published books will not be considered. The vast majority of JLG selections are hardcovers. JLG accepts submissions of original, softcover books only for the PBH Reading Category—Paperbacks High School—grades 10 & up and some of our graphic novel levels.

*JLG Editorial Office:

Susan Marston, Editorial Director
Junior Library Guild
123 William Street, Suite 802
New York, NY 10038

Main: 646.380.0701
Fax: 646.380.0759

**Series Made Simple Office:

Amanda Mastrull, Editor, Series Made Simple
School Library Journal
123 William Street, Suite 802
New York, NY 10038

Main: 646.380.0752
Fax: 646.380.0756

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