Tamales para Navidad (Tamales for Christmas)

By Stephen Briseño
Illustrators Illustrated by Sonia Sánchez Edition

Library edition with trade jacket added

Publisher Penguin Random House Imprint Random House Studio ISBN


Tamales para Navidad (Tamales for Christmas)

Before the first Christmas light is strung, Grandma is hard at work, making thousands of tamales to ensure gifts for her family. This heartwarming tale, based on a true story, explores a grandmother's boundless generosity, and the irresistible magic of tamales.

When the weather changes, but way before the Christmas tree is decorated, Grandma prepares. With so many children and grandchildren in her family, she finds a way to put gifts under the tree-- she sells as many tamales as she can! Masa in one hand, corn husks in the other, Grandma’s just getting started. 15 tamales. As Halloween passes, and Thanksgiving, Grandma is still toiling away in the kitchen: 150 tamales, 700 tamales, 850 tamales. When it’s time to string the lights for Christmas, she’s inching closer to 1000 tamales! Enough to give to those in need and pack the tree with gifts for her loved ones.

Based on the author’s own grandmother, who was the heart of the familia, here is a warm story about Christmas, generosity, and, yes, tamales.
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