The Big Storm: Beak and Ally #3

Series Beak & Ally Written and illustrated by Norm Feuti

Hardcover edition

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The Big Storm: Beak and Ally #3

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Beak & Ally #3: The Big Storm is the third book in a series by Norm Feuti about an outgoing bird and an introverted alligator, perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly and Pea, Bee, & Jay.

A big storm is brewing . . . but these pals have each other’s backs, rain or shine!

Ally’s enjoying a peaceful, rainy day down in the swamp until Beak tells her that a big storm is coming. As Ally makes her way home to prepare, she can’t help but notice other swamp critters struggling to get ready for the bad weather. Even though she has a lot to do, she offers them a hand. But before she knows it, the storm is upon her, and she has to take shelter in the first secluded spot she can find. Once the storm passes, Ally returns to find her once beautiful home in utter ruin!

Will Ally be able to save her home, or will she be forced to leave the swamp for good?

Full-color illustrations. 
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