The National Birds of Central America

Series Eyediscover By Maria Koran

Hardcover edition

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The National Birds of Central America

EYEDISCOVER is an exciting fusion of print, video, and audio, designed to engage children at the kindergarten to grade 2 levels in a fresh new way. Each optic readalong in this collection pairs the tactile experience of a printed book with interactive online content that truly brings each page to life.
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All About Animals Elementary (Grades K-2)

All About Animals Elementary

All About Animals Elementary (Grades K-2)

For Grades K-2

Watch animals come to life and delve deeper into their traits, behavior, and challenges. Readers will get up close and see animals in new ways with the 12 media-enhanced titles in this category that combine print and online interactivity with embedded multimedia features.

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Animals, Beginning Readers, Nonfiction, Science/STEAM

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