The Rise: 1978

Series Exploring Civil Rights By Yomtov, Nel

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The Rise: 1978

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Learn about the key events of the civil rights movement in the latest installment of this exciting and informative series.

The year 1978 was one of steps toward equality in the civil rights movement. In February, Max Robinson successfully became the first African American broadcast network anchor for ABC news. In June, the Supreme Court case California v. Bakke ruled that affirmative action was legal in the United States and race could be included in the criteria for admissions into colleges and universities. In July, the National Organization of Women coordinated an impressive march of 100,000 demonstrators in Washington, DC, in support of the Equal Rights Amendment. And the world watched as African American boxer, Muhammad Ali, defeated Leon Spinks to win his third heavyweight title in September, becoming the first person to ever to win the title three times.

This detailed account explains why 1978 was such a critical year in the civil rights movement.
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