The Tide Pool Waits


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The Tide Pool Waits

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Dive into the rich ecology of tide pools and watch a hidden world spring in this masterful nonfiction picture book for very young readers.


Twice a day when the tide goes out, an astonishing world is revealed in the tide pools that form along the Pacific Coast.


Some of the creatures that live here look like stone. Others look like plants. Some move so slowly it’s hard to tell if they’re moving at all, while others are so fast you’re not sure you really saw them. The biggest animals in the pool are smaller than your hand, while the smallest can’t be seen at all without a microscope.


During low tide, all these creatures – big, small, fast, slow – are exposed to air and the sun’s drying heat. And so they have developed ways to survive the wait until the ocean’s return.


Candace Fleming is the author of Honeybee, which received an Orbis Pictus Honor and 7 starred reviews. She brings her knack for making science and nature appealing to the very young in The Tidepool Waits with detailed accounts of dozens of species of sea life, culminating in a perfect primer for students and nature lovers taking their first trip to the shore. Her text is accompanied by effervescent artwork by Amy Hevron and substantial backmatter.

“An Illustrated Guide to This Tide Pool.” “Let’s Explore” website suggestions. Illustration of tide zones. Full-color illustrations were created with acrylic paint and pencil.
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