The Upside-Down Book of Sloths

By Elizabeth Shreeve
Illustrators Illustrated by Isabella Grott Edition

Hardcover edition

Publisher W. W. Norton & Company Imprint Norton Young Readers ISBN


The Upside-Down Book of Sloths

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Many find sloths cute, while some find them just plain bizarre. In The Upside-Down Book of Sloths, Elizabeth Shreeve uncovers their less-well-known evolutionary history and how they became the beloved—and unique—creatures of today. She pairs and compares the six extant modern species, like the pygmy sloth, the brown-throated sloth, and the ai, with their prehistoric counterparts, such as Thalassocnus, the tough seafaring sloth; Paramylodon, which had armor-like skin and walked on the sides of its feet; and Megatherium, which could weigh up to 8,000 pounds. She even reveals how modern sloths have adapted to hang upside down, how they learned to swim, and even how they poop!

As entertaining as it is educational, The Upside-Down Book of Sloths offers a brilliant deep dive into sloths, their evolution, and their connections to our planet’s natural history—and future.

Time line of sloth history. Author’s note. Suggestions for further information. Full-color illustrations.
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Gr 2-5-This informational book about sloths is full of fascinating information about these peculiar creatures. Shreeve introduces each of the six species in the sloth family tree, and key elements such as habitat ("tree huggers"), eating habits ("leaf munchers"), and physical characteristics ("adorable"). Additionally, she describes the range of prehistoric sloth species, comparing them to their modern counterparts and going back and forth in time in a repeated pattern. Fun tidbits-such as the fact that due to their slow metabolism, sloths only poop once a week-and playful language-like comparing the size of a pygmy sloth to a "slightly chubby chihuahua"-appear throughout. Illustrations demonstrate a clear study of the sloth, as each of the depictions is unique, expressive, and lifelike. Their faces are particularly compelling and draw readers into the page. The texture of the intricate etchings making up the sloth's fur stands out against the blurred and smudged trees and foliage. VERDICT An engaging and informative inquiry into the world of sloths, past and present. Recommended for purchase for animal collections.-Clara Hendricksα(c) Copyright 2011. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

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