Series World Languages By Cynthia Amoroso, Robert B. Noyed, John Willis

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Did you know that long ago, people used trumpets to make announcements? A trumpet has three keys known as valves. Discover more intriguing facts in Trumpets. World Languages gives you eleven eBooks in eleven languages. AV2 ’s World Languages program allows you to read in your own language, explore other languages, and support diversity and multiculturalism.
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World Languages Elementary (Grades K-2)

World Languages Elementary

World Languages Elementary (Grades K-2)

For Grades K-2

The 12 media-enhanced titles in this category come alive, combining a print and audio eBook in 11 different languages! Languages include English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Tagalog, Russian, Mandarin, German, Hindi, Korean, and Portugese. Japanese will be available in January 2022! Full audio allows readers to listen to the text in their own language and toggle between languages for a bilingual experience.

12 books per Year
$250.56 per Year

Diversity/Multicultural, ESL, Nonfiction, Reluctant Readers

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