Understanding Earth

Series Super SHEroes of Science By Nancy Dickmann

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Understanding Earth

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This brand-new series highlights some of the major contributions women have made in the world of science.

What shapes our planet? Women have been answering the question for centuries on many levels. Scientists such as Marie Curie have investigated the building blocks of matter, and the physical forces that act upon them. Geologists have studied the rocks beneath our feet by venturing dangerously close to erupting volcanoes, and have figured out what lies at Earth’s center and why its surface moves as it does. Women have also led the way in exploring the planet’s atmosphere and the causes and effects of climate change, the most urgent problem scientists are trying to solve. This book tells their stories and describes their vital contributions.
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Instructional Nonfiction Social Studies Grades 3-5

Instructional Nonfiction Social Studies Grades 3-5

Instructional Nonfiction Social Studies Grades 3-5

For Grades 3-5

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