Underwater Construction Workers

Series Dangerous Jobs (UpDog Books T) By Clara Cella

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Underwater Construction Workers

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If you think construction workers have a tough job, try doing it underwater. These professionals stay underwater for hours to build bridges and buildings beneath the surface. Dive in to explore the history of underwater construction workers, the tools they use, and the dangers they face every day.
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Series Nonfiction: Social Studies K-2 (Grades K-2)

Series Nonfiction Social Studies Grades K-2

Series Nonfiction: Social Studies K-2 (Grades K-2)

For Grades K-2

These 12 absorbing early readers support lessons on community awareness, beginning history topics, biography, and other topics of interest to our youngest citizens. They are the best titles from the best social studies series handpicked by experienced School Library Journal editors.

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Beginning Readers, Character/Good Citizenship, Nonfiction

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