V Is for Victorine

By Anne Nesbet

Hardcover edition

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V Is for Victorine

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In this exciting sequel to Daring Darleen, Queen of the Screen, a young heiress in hiding and her film star best friend go on a quick-paced caper through early Hollywood.

It’s 1915, and “missing” heiress Victorine Berryman is living incognito as “Bella Mae Goodwin” with her best friend, Darleen Darling, star of the exciting photoplay serials adventure-loving audiences crave. When the girls travel cross-country to set up roots in Hollywood, California, home of the developing film industry, they find themselves mixed up in a plot as dramatic as anything on the screen, involving switched luggage, stolen artifacts, and nefarious characters hot on their tails. But the stakes are entirely too real! As brave and resourceful Victorine tries to escape the villains’ clutches, she meets a slew of early Hollywood Who’s Whos and experiences the magic of the movie business—as well as its problems, including the harmful prejudices that can be perpetuated by popular films. Can Victorine thwart the bad guys—and figure out who she truly wants to be? Filled with hijinks, humor, and heart, this edge-of-your-seat sequel to Daring Darleen, Queen of the Screen will have fans both old and new cheering “Bravo!”

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