Waylon! : The Most Awesome of All

Series Waylon! By Sara Pennypacker
Illustrators Illustrated by Marla Frazee Edition

Hardcover edition

Publisher Disney Book Group Imprint Disney-Hyperion ISBN


Waylon! : The Most Awesome of All

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Waylon can't wait to participate in the Boston Science Expo June 14. He's confident
that his project will impress the crowd, and his idol, Neil deGrasse Tyson, is sure to
be in attendance. Maybe Waylon will finally get a chance to meet him! The Expo is on
the same day of his sister's performance at the Beantown Repertory Theater. Neon
has been preparing for weeks, ever since she won third prize in a New Voices in
Boston Theater contest, and their dad has agreed to be the centerpiece of the show.
June 14 is also the deadline Waylon's dad set for himself to sell his screenplay to
Hollywood. Finally, Waylon's mom has a mysterious appointment that day that she
won't talk about. It looks as though Waylon will be going to the Science Expo by himself. But at least there's Neil deGrasse Tyson!

When Waylon's dad is summoned to Hollywood at the last minute, Neon is in dire
need of a replacement. She trains her eyes on Waylon, and he has no choice but to
be the stand-in, even though it means missing the Expo. It promises to be the most
embarrassing night of his life . . . yet it could turn out to be the most awesome of all.

But what is Mom up to, anyway?

Black-and-white illustrations created with pencil on polyester film.
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