Written and illustrated by Lynne Rae Perkins

Hardcover edition

Publisher HarperCollins Imprint Greenwillow Bks. ISBN


Awards and Honors CPL Best Books - 2019


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Thomas is all set to make his famous wintercake, but his basket of dried fruit has disappeared! His good friend Lucy promises that they can still have a joyful holiday celebration without the cake. But when Lucy ducks into a neighborhood tea room to wait out a storm, she spots a stranger holding a basket of dried fruit. Thomas’s fruit! Certain that the stranger has stolen it, she follows him as he heads out into wintery forest. But to her surprise, he leads her right to Thomas’s door, where he returns the basket. Ashamed of how she jumped to conclusions, Lucy helps Thomas bake his wintercake and together they track down the mysterious visitor and share a slice together.

Full-color illustrations.
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Character Building Elementary (Grades 2-6)

Character Building Elementary

Character Building Elementary (Grades 2-6)

For Grades 2-6

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