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JLG UnBoxing: How do you celebrate your book haul?

By: Dawn Driscoll | February 26, 2019 |

Over the last few years, a curious trend has taken over YouTube: The phenomenon of “unboxing.”

Un-what-ing? UnBOXing.

It’s the simple act of filming oneself unpacking a brand-new purchase and discovering the excitement inside at the same time as your viewers. A Google study found that the magic behind unboxing videos is the “feeling of anticipation we get in watching them.”

Just ask Mrs. Murphy and Ms. McDonald of Manchester Elementary School in Washington state. This perky pair made their YouTube debut unboxing their most recent Junior Library Guild monthly subscription box, and the results are adorably, amusingly brimming with anticipation.

From the first book to the last (the unboxing is actually a two-part video), their excitement and energy is contagious. Welcoming each book into their library with ooohs and ahhhs and clever commentary about its subject matter, the teachers take us through their entire shipment so we can see just what new reading material the lucky students at Manchester will soon find on their shelves.

“This is so satisfying!” Mrs. Murphy says as they make their way through the book-filled box.

“Every month we will be getting these boxes,” she quips to the camera. “This is not like a one-time deal, you guys. This is like the rest of the school year!”

Can you relate to their excitement? There’s nothing quite like receiving a new shipment of JLG selections and slicing through the packaging tape with anticipation to see what reading adventures await your students.

“Wow… all of these new characters we’re going to discover,” Ms. McDonald says as they lift the final book from the box. “I’m super excited!”

To see the JLG selections that were discussed in this video click the titles below.

Video 1

Video 2

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Dawn Driscoll

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