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A Conversation Around Book Bans with Wil Mara

By: | November 29, 2022 |

It is no secret that book bans and challenges have become an increasingly prevalent issue in the library community, particularly in the last few years. To learn more about this trend and what we can do to help, we sat down with JLG author Wil Mara.  

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Librarian of the Month: July 2021

By: Harlee Rozell | July 07, 2021 |

JLG’s July 2021 Librarian of the Month honor goes to Collinsville Public Library and their driven, compassionate, and community-oriented director, Jennifer Wilkins. A JLG member for 8+ years, Jennifer caught our eye because of her dedication to her community and preserving its history. Here’s Jennifer’s story...

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JLG Selections Shine in 2021 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards

By: Rhonda Mihalic | June 24, 2021 |

We are proud to announce that JLG Gold Standard Selections swept all 3 categories in the 2021 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards—and took home 5 out of the 6 honor-book designations as well!  

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Librarian of the Month: June 2021

By: Harlee Rozell | June 16, 2021 |

JLG’s June 2021 Librarian of the Month honor goes to Dowd Education Center and its passionate and community-driven director, Erin Priest. A returning JLG member, Erin caught our eye because of her dedication to her community and students. Here’s Erin’s story...

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Celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage with these JLG Editorial Picks

By: Susan Marston | May 21, 2021 |

This month is a celebration of Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage. But with so much quality, immersive books available by Asian and Pacific American authors and illustrators, finding the right book for your readers can be difficult. To help, our editors compiled a sampling of their favorites for you to share with your young readers, friends, family, and colleagues. 

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Looking Back: The History of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

By: Harlee Rozell | May 21, 2021 |

Asian and Pacific Americans have faced so much in our nation's short history. But the passion of one woman and her personal story helped jumpstart a nationally-recognized and mandadted month-long celebration and commemoration of the heritages, histories, and voices of Asian and Pacific American communities. Read more about her story and what factors led to the creation of the Asian/Pacific American Hertiage Month commemorations we know today.

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Looking Back: The History of Pride Month

By: Harlee Rozell | May 01, 2021 |

From The Society for Human Rights to the Daghter of Bilitis and then the Stonewall Inn raid and uprising, Pride celebrations were shaped over the course of the 20th century. Let’s take a look back at the events and individuals who helped shape Pride, which is now celebrated every June.  

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