Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep

By: Eric Barclay

Sheep is surprised one happy afternoon when she bumps into a very hairy someone on the farm.
“Who are you?” she asks.
“I’m the sheep dog!” the someone says. “I watch the sheep.”

Holy begonia! Sheep knows this can’t be right. After all, she’s the sheep expert! Besides, how can this sheep dog see anything with so much hair in his eyes? Or without a map? Sheep goes off to get everything Sheep Dog needs to get the job done, but each time she goes, something almost happens to her—and who comes to her rescue? Take one guess.

Full-color illustrations created with pencil and Adobe Photoshop.

ISBN: 9780062677389

JLG Release: Jun 2019

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Sheep , Sheep dogs , Dogs , Farm life , Friendship

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June 2019



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Sheep, Sheep dogs, Dogs, Farm life, Friendship,

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