The Desperado Who Stole Baseball

By: John H. Ritter

1881: After a chance encounter in the California desert, twelve-year-old Jack Dillon befriends one of his idols, Billy the Kid, and they ride together to Dillontown. Billy, wanted dead or alive, only wants to hide there. Jack, though, hopes to join the renowned Dillontown Nine baseball team. The Nine are unbeaten, but their owner, John Dillon, has wagered the town's future for a shot against the best team in baseball, the Chicago White Stockings. When the ruthless owner of the Stockings orders his henchmen to undermine the Nine before the big game, even Jack and Billy, astonishing baseball prodigies, may not be able to save Dillontown.

ISBN: 9780399246647

JLG Release: May 2009

Sensitive Areas: Wild West gun violence
Topics: Boomtowns , Baseball , Billy the Kid , Ambushes , Liars , Challenges , Team owners , Greed , Innovations , Outlaws , Race , Shooting , Umpires , Law enforcement , Rewards , Gold mines , Development plans , Relatives , Racial prejudice , Escaped slaves , Baseball's reserve clause , Training , Prophecies , Tryouts , Negotiations , Uniforms , Clubhouses , Root beer , Baseball's National League , Tactics , Arrests , Escapes , Hostages , Search parties , Hideouts , Injuries , Rain delays , Stealing bases , The squeeze play , Settling down


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