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Gridiron: Stories from 100 Years of the National Football League

By: Fred Bowen

Illustrator: James E. Ransome

The National Football League is the most popular sports league in the United States. Its championship game, the Super Bowl, is watched by millions of people every year. But it wasn’t always like this. In the last one hundred years, football has changed from a poorly organized, often overlooked sport to America’s favorite pastime. Here are the stories of that remarkable transformation. The stories of the greatest players, the most successful coaches, the most memorable games—and the amazing plays that made us gasp as we watched them in stadiums and on televisions all over America.

Discover the league’s scrappy beginnings in an automobile showroom, and early players like Red Grange, the Galloping Ghost. Relive the very first championship game, played indoors after a circus had visited, and famous games like the Ice Bowl. See the NFL at war, and meet some of the remarkable athletes who helped desegregate the league. Learn how the draft came into existence, and about the teams that strove for that almost impossible goal—a perfect season.

Veteran sportswriter Fred Bowen brings his in-depth knowledge and lively prose to these fascinating stories, and award-winning artist James E. Ransome has created stunning full-page illustrations that bring the sport of football to life like never before.

List of Super Bowl champions (1967–2019). Bibliography. Brief identification of people depicted on endpapers. Index. Full-color illustrations rendered in watercolor. 

ISBN: 9781481481120

JLG Release: Oct 2020

Sensitive Areas: None

History of the National Football League (NFL) , History of US football , Sports history , Sports and recreation , Athletes and athletics , Championship games , Super Bowl (football)

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History of the National Football League (NFL), History of US football, Sports history, Sports and recreation, Athletes and athletics, Championship games, Super Bowl (football),

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