Gun Violence: Fighting for Our Lives and Our Rights

By: Matt Doeden

In early 2018, teen-led March for Our Lives events across the United States protested gun violence, demanded change to save lives, and registered voters toward that end. This authoritative exploration of guns, gun violence, and gun control explores the Second Amendment, the history of guns and gun laws in the United States, legal restrictions to gun ownership, and the devastation of mass shootings. Through an objective look at individual versus collective rights, readers will be able to offer well-informed answers to questions such as: Should young people own assault rifles? What about terrorists and the mentally ill? Read the book to make an informed argument and support your point of view.

Time line. Glossary. Source notes. Selected bibliography. Further information. Index. Full-color photographs.

ISBN: 9781541555549

JLG Release: Nov 2019

Sensitive Areas: Violence, including discussion of mass shootings
Topics: Gun control , Firearms ownership , Firearms , Law and legislation , Individual versus collective rights , Second Amendment of US Constitution

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Violence, including discussion of mass shootings


Gun control, Firearms ownership, Firearms, Law and legislation, Individual versus collective rights, Second Amendment of US Constitution,

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