Strangers Assume My Girlfriend Is My Nurse

By: Shane Burcaw

With his signature acerbic wit and hilarious voice, twenty-something author, blogger, and entrepreneur Shane Burcaw is back with an essay collection about living a full life in a body that many people perceive as a tragedy. From anecdotes about first introductions where people patted him on the head instead of shaking his hand, to stories of passersby mistaking his able-bodied girlfriend for a nurse, Shane tackles awkward situations and assumptions with humor and grace.
On the surface, these essays are about day-to-day life as a wheelchair user with a degenerative disease, but they are actually about family, love, and coming of age.

Introduction. Black-and-white photographs.

ISBN: 9781626727700

JLG Release: Sep 2019

Sensitive Areas: Marijuana, Strong language, Strong sexual themes
Topics: Memoirs , Disabilities , Living with a disability , Humor , Spinal muscular atrophy , Dating and relationships

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Marijuana, Strong language, Strong sexual themes


Memoirs, Disabilities, Living with a disability, Humor, Spinal muscular atrophy, Dating and relationships,

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