Jop and Blip Wanna Know: Can You Hear a Penguin Fart on Mars?

Series Jop and Blip Wanna Know Written and illustrated by Jim Benton

Hardcover edition

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Jop and Blip Wanna Know: Can You Hear a Penguin Fart on Mars?

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Two curious robots seek the answers to life’s most pressing—and hilarious—questions in this full-color graphic novel series written and illustrated by New York Times bestselling author Jim Benton, the creator of Franny K. Stein and Catwad!

So, you want to know if you can hear a penguin fart on Mars?

Great question! There may never have been a better question asked about a penguin!

What’s your starting point?

Well, first you’re going to need a penguin…

Robot scientists Jop and Blip set out to answer three seemingly odd yet totally valid questions—Could we hear a penguin fart on Mars?, Can you make a dragon sandwich?, and Why do we need two ears? Along the way, they’ll learn other important facts about the atmosphere on Mars, the connection between dinosaurs and birds, the digestive system, the senses, sorting truth from fiction, the way herrings communicate with farts, and so much more!

Using their own brand of logic, critical thinking skills, and humor, Jop and Blip model how to investigate something they’re curious about without looking up the answer. Because with Jop and Blip, everything is worth knowing!

Full-color illustrations drawn in pen and colored in Photoshop. 
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