Meet the Super Duper Seven

Series I Like to Read Comics Written and illustrated by Tim Hamilton

Hardcover edition

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Meet the Super Duper Seven

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The seven silliest superheroes you will ever meet! This comical comic is perfect for first and second graders.

Meet the Super Duper 7! Electro-Elephant can charge your phone. Hip-No-Hippo can put bad guys to sleep. And Hungry Kitty and her four brave birds…. But where are the four brave birds?

How can the Super Duper 7 stop crime when Hungry Kitty keeps eating members of the Super Duper team? Maybe a mouse named Mr. Polka dot can help!

Tim Hamilton’s funny cartoons have appeared in THE NEW YORKER and MAD MAGAZINE.

Comics-lovers can now share the fun with their kids, students, siblings, and younger friends who are learning to read!

Full-color illustrations were created with pen and ink, watercolor, and digital tools. 
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Humor Elementary Plus (Grades 2-6)

Humor Elementary Plus

Humor Elementary Plus (Grades 2-6)

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