Saving the Whole Wide World: Hilo Book 2 (Audiobook)

Series Hilo By Judd Winick
Narrators Narrated by Quiny Surasmith,Kathleen McInerney,Bahni Turpin,Jessica Almasy Edition

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Saving the Whole Wide World: Hilo Book 2 (Audiobook)

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"An action-packed page turner with heart!"—Dav Pilkey, author of DOG MAN

Take off on an action packed adventure with HILO Book 2! Dog Manmeets Big Natein this hilarious New York Times bestselling graphic novel series that kids love!

Everyone's favorite space boy, Hilo, is just settling into life on earth (Bowling? Knock-knock jokes? OUTSTANDING!) when strange portals begin opening up all over town. And HOLY MACKEREL! Even STRANGER creatures are coming through them! But it will take more than a GIANT MUTANT CHICKEN, A VIKING HIPPO, A MAGICAL WARRIOR CAT, or even a few MILLION KILLER VEGETABLES to stop Team Hilo . . . er, WON’T IT? Can Hilo, DJ, and GINA figure out how to send these creatures back to their worlds before they DESTROY the earth?

Narrated by Quiny Surasmith, Kathleen McInerney, Bahni Turpin, Jessica Almasy, Yuuki Luna, Caroline Mclaughlin, Tara Sands, Full Cast, Lee Osorio, Feodor Chin, Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes, David Lee Huynh, Joshua Kane & Keylor Leigh
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