Treasure Tracks

By S.A. Rodriguez

Hardcover edition

Publisher Macmillan Imprint Farrar, Straus & Giroux ISBN


Treasure Tracks

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Language: Infrequent Use,Language: Mild Language,Violence: Mild Violence

A pacy debut middle-grade about a boy who goes on a treasure hunt for riches to help his ailing abuelo—adventurous, family-driven, and with the touch of a ghost story.

Twelve-year-old Fin joins his abuelo on a secret quest to find a long-lost treasure at sea. But when their first mission takes a near-deadly turn, leaving his grandfather weak and unable to speak, Fin’s left to navigate the quest alone. Well, not exactly alone—his boring, totally unadventurous dad agrees to help out. With danger lurking at every turn, Fin dives in to track his legacy and save Abuelo's life. Between Dad’s constant worrying, unwanted diving babysitters, and harrowing encounters in the deep sea, the boy finds himself in a race against time to locate the treasure. If he can’t do it, he might lose Abuelo for good. Treasure Tracks is a fast-paced, lighthearted story about the bonds of family, the meaning of a legacy, and most of all, the discovery that true treasure isn't always gold.

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