JLG Catholic School Packages offer quality, newly-published fiction and nonfiction books to further advance your students’ academic achievement. Our editors review books prior to publication and choose only the best. Books are assigned to a category and each category provides either 12 or 14 outstanding books per year. We looked at what other Catholic schools like yours order to put together these packages. They are flexible, so you can substitute any one of our dozens of book categories, if needed. Prices will vary based on the categories you choose.

Why JLG Works for Catholic Schools

Resources to Improve Educational Outcomes
Schools using JLG are 39% more likely to have greater than 90% of 7th graders reading at or above goal.

Increased Productivity
29% of librarians’ time is currently spent on collection development activities. JLG does all or some of that work for you so you can spend more time focusing on young readers.

Quality Books
Having popular, award-winning books on the shelves increases overall circulation. Collection HQ data shows that JLG Selections circulate 81% more than other books published for children and teens.

Better Value
On average JLG books are 22% below the price of other major distributors. And it’s great to know that the books you receive are the best-of-the-best newly-published titles.

JLG has dozens of categories of books ranging from Pre-K to adult crossover. It’s easy to get the perfect mix of materials to fit your library.

Complete Control over Your Collection
With JLG Service, unlimited substitutions are allowed each month giving you complete control over the books you receive. We also note sensitive areas in books such as b language, violence, and more to allow an opportunity to avoid receiving these books if preferred.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Over 21,000 librarians already trust JLG to provide the best new release books for their libraries. (How could that many librarians be wrong?)

Ease of Implementation
All schools, even those without certified library staff, can have the best new books. JLG service allows you to lock in a full year of the best new release books with one order, one PO, one invoice. And only JLG guarantees you’ll have the best new books coming into your library all year long.

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