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For Your Convenience: Delayed Billing and Flexible Start Dates

By: | May 25, 2022 |

At JLG, we take pride in supporting librarians and educators each and every day. We want to work with you to make your JLG membership as convenient as possible, which is why we offer flexible billing and start dates for your account.  

Why do we offer flexible start/billing dates?  

We know that your circumstances and budget change from year to year. What worked last school year may just not fit into this year’s budget and timelines.  

Delayed billing and custom payment option  

When you begin your membership, you’ll work with a JLG representative to choose the right categories for your school and budget. You can then choose an invoice date up to 90 days past the start date of your membership. Invoicing will always happen on the first of the month.  

Most of our members choose to make one upfront payment for their orders, however, we can accommodate your budget with split, quarterly, or monthly billing.  

Custom start dates 

When it’s time to renew your membership, you can work with your JLG rep to choose a custom start date. They can work with you to adjust your start date to best match your paperwork and funding cycle.  

For new members, your rep can help you choose a month that fits your budget cycle. They can help you decide when it is best to pay and when it is best to make decisions about renewals for next year.  

Most of our members choose a 12-month order, meaning one book per category is delivered each month for an entire year. However, if you need your membership to begin or end at a specific time, we can work with you to prorate, backdate, or add months to your membership.  

Examples of flexible arrangements

Less than 12 months 
Dara needs all incoming orders to end each June, at the end of her school district’s fiscal year. But, it’s November when she first connects with her JLG Rep. Dara chooses to place an order for 7 months (December 1st start date, June 1st end date), which sets her up to renew her next order with a start date of July 1st. Dara plans to then renew for a full 12 months and hopefully add a category for next year! 

More than 12 months 
Greenfield Public Library is starting a new order in September 2022, but they want to be sure that their future orders all begin in January. They choose to set their first order for 16 months. This order will cover the rest of 2022 and all of 2023! The JLG Rep for Greenfield will call in fall 2023 to discuss their renewal for January 2024.  

Changed start date on a renewal order
Katie and Diego have worked together in the Children’s Department since 2013. They evaluate their JLG categories each spring and place their renewal order in May. But this year their budget cycle is shifting from spring to fall. A JLG Rep lets them know that they can change their start date to October to realign with their new budget cycle. 

Split Billing
Alex is a first-year middle school librarian. Alex met a JLG Rep at their state library conference and is planning to place a 12-month order before the end of the school year. Their annual budget has been depleted but they were recently allocated some money from a PTO fundraiser. After learning about split billing, Alex decides to pay for half of their total now with the PTO funds and the other half in six months with funding from the next school year's budget. Next spring, when it’s time for their first renewal, Alex can choose to continue with split billing or change to an alternate billing option.

Delayed billing
Mr. Umar is eager to get his first shipment from JLG but he knows that his grant funding will not arrive for 2 months. Mr. Umar’s JLG Rep tells him that he can delay the invoice for 60 days after his monthly shipments begin. Mr. Umar can’t wait to start the school year and knows that the teens will love the high-interest selections from Current Trends Plus, Graphic Novels High Plus, and Adult Crossover Thrillers Plus. 




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