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Coffee with Margaret Peterson Haddix

By: Rebecca Cybulski | September 12, 2023 |

REMARKABLES reminds us that asking for help and forgiving others are not faults or weaknesses, but rather they are acts that help us become so resilient in life. Learn more about Margaret Peterson Haddix’s views on time travel, the unraveling of fate, and why it’s so important to be mindful of the present moment.

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Happy Banned Books Week!

By: | September 15, 2022 |

September 18-24th is officially Banned Books Week for 2022. This week is observed every year and is used to raise awareness about books being banned and challenged in schoolsSpecifically, Banned Books Week takes a closer look at why these selections are targeted and explores how we can collectively work together to stop censorship.  

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We Love Memoirs Day

By: | August 30, 2022 |

August 31st has been named We Love Memoirs Day or National Memoirs Day, depending on the source. Memoirs are a brave and vulnerable way for authors to share their lives and experiences with readers.  This day celebrates both the authors who write memoirs and the readers impacted by their stories. Memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies are an effective way to teach your young readers about important historical moments and figures and to help them build empathy through reading.  

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The Benefits of Printed Books

By: | August 29, 2022 |

To make literature more accessible and convenient, eBooks and digital reading tools have been on the rise in recent years. These resources have their benefits – they are a cost-efficient way to access countless titles at your fingertips. Although digital books have their advantages, we should not overlook the benefits of a good, old-fashioned, printed book.  

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I’ve got 99 Problems...But a Book Ain’t One!

By: | August 08, 2022 |

There is so much more to being a librarian than choosing new books and maintaining a library. In fact, it is no secret that more is being expected of librarians now than ever before. We asked and you answered, let’s run through the top 99 problems modern day librarians are facing today. 

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Using Books to Facilitate Difficult Conversations

By: | August 04, 2022 |

Let’s face it, growing up is hard. Kids are facing more than ever before and experiencing challenges that we could not have imagined at their age. This makes it critically important for parents, teachers, and educators to engage in difficult conversations with young people, and your library may be able to help.  

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Get ready for Summer Reading with JLG!

By: | June 13, 2022 |

School’s out and your young readers are likely very excited for the long break ahead. While summer is a great time to rest and recharge, it is also very important to keep them reading and learning during this time. Summer reading is an important facet of your young readers' education.  

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